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Our excellent personal styling service is perfect for those looking to enhance their image or to update their wardrobe with new fashion trends and styles. Perhaps you're a fashion mess, your lifestyle has changed, you don't know which shoes go with which outfit, you have a virtual interview coming up, or need a little styling help. We also know that sometimes lacking confidence in your outfit can even change your mind about attending events or weddings because you know Becky with the good hair is going to be there looking fabulous as usual. 


You may love fashion, but have you ever gone to your closet and thought where did all my fashion go? I have nothing to wear? That's where Style 911 comes in and helps you get dressed stress-free because sometimes it takes a little more than spotting fashionable pieces. It takes a trained eye and a keen sense of fashion to put together a stylish outfit. Lucky for you Style 911 is here to bring you luxury personal styling into your everyday life. Now you're ready to outshine Becky. 


At Style 911 we believe that each client is unique and special and our goal is to enhance your individuality by determining your key style that is flattering for your body type. Whether you're a polished professional, business babe, classic cat, or even a babe on a budget, Style 911 would love to help! No matter what your style is, feeling good in your clothes is a great confidence boost! Anything fashion we cover it, and bring it right to you for an easy and pleasurable experience!


Let Style 911 bing personal shopping to you or via Zoom and together we can create a kickass outfit and get ready to take on Becky or whatever life may throw at you.


Peace, health, and style!


Style 911

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