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Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Picking out shorts for the summer can be annoying and stressful for any body type. Yes, any body type! If you are too skinny finding shorts to flatter your small butt can be hard to find, or what about the woman who has the "perfect butt" not too small or too big? Shorts for this body type is still a challenge because most affordable companies make shorts that are "coochie cutters" Yes, we have all been there. Why do they make shorts so short? I understand that they are called shorts but they're not called "show my Coochie too"! I decided to write a blog about the most challenging booty and the is the "Big booty". I believe the best bang for your buck with this body type is Fashionnova and Pretty Little Thing. Their shorts are about $20-$40 and offer a line called, Shape, they fit curvy women very well while covering your booty. So while the suns out buns don't need to be completely out while wearing some of these styles listed below.

1. Okay, Yes Hunty I am going to put these at my number one choice for curvy women. They are cute and ripped which I always love. Even better is the fit of the shorts. They are currvylicious, high waisted, a great color for summer, and at $25 you can't beat the price during this "Great Depression".

2. These Urban Outfitter Shorts are recycled and give you a lot of coverage there are many reasons to feel good while wearing these "bootyful shorts". Listed at $59, not a bad price.

3. Every girl needs a pair of black high-waisted shorts. These shorts offered by Pretty Little Thing are listed as "Shape" meaning they give you more fabric to cover your amazing big booty shape while accenting your curves. I love a pair of high waisted anything! They are a great fit for any body type. Listed at only $20! I think I'll go buy myself a pair right now!

4. I have picked these shorts because I love bling! I know this style isn't for everyone, but I do love to be different and shine like the bright star that I am. These are a little bit pricier but at $54 and all the detailing this is a great price. I know items like this go for much for on Etsy and at designer shops. Again, a great choice for big booty's because you can tell by the model. She is a curvy girl and these shorts cover her goods all the way.

5. Okay, last but definitely NOT least is three different pairs that are kinda similar depending on your style. These shorts are a cross between capris and shorts. I love them they are great! They are fashionable and have extra booty coverage and can be beneficial to those who may have legs or cellulite insecurities. Which you should never have because that's what makes a real woman! Don't listen to people who put you down they are just jealous. They don't have a big attention-grabbing booty like you girl. Embrace that shit!

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